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Unveiling the Controversial Practice of “Sajaegi” in the K-pop Industry: Unraveling the Dark Side of Chart Manipulation

The controversial practice of “Sajaegi” continues to cast a shadow over the K-pop industry, challenging the integrity of music chart rankings and the authenticity of artists’ success. By artificially inflating album sales through bulk purchases, agencies manipulate the perception of popularity and commercial success. However, as the industry becomes more vigilant and fans become more discerning, the fight against “Sajaegi” gains momentum. Through transparency, stricter monitoring, and a collective commitment to uphold fairness, the K-pop industry strives to overcome this dark practice, allowing true talent and genuine fan support to shine through. Only then can the industry reclaim its authenticity, ensuring that success is earned through artistic merit, dedication, and the unwavering support of passionate fans.



In the vibrant world of K-pop, where talented artists captivate global audiences with their mesmerizing performances and catchy tunes, a dark practice looms in the shadows, threatening the integrity of music chart rankings.

This practice, known as “Sajaegi,” has been the subject of heated debate and controversy within the industry. It involves allegations that agencies engage in manipulating chart rankings by artificially inflating sales through bulk purchases of their artists’ albums. In this article, we will delve deep into the intricate world of “Sajaegi” to shed light on its implications, the controversies surrounding it, and its potential impact on the K-pop industry.

  1. What is “Sajaegi”?

At its core, “Sajaegi” refers to the practice of manipulating music chart rankings through the excessive bulk-buying of albums. This dubious tactic aims to create an illusion of popularity and success for an artist by artificially inflating their album sales numbers. By purchasing a large number of albums in a short span of time, agencies attempt to skyrocket their artist’s position on various music charts, giving the impression of immense fan support and commercial success.

  1. The Allegations and Controversies

The issue of “Sajaegi” has sparked widespread debate and scrutiny within the K-pop industry. Critics argue that this practice undermines the credibility of music chart rankings, as it distorts the true popularity and genuine fan base of an artist. Moreover, it creates an uneven playing field, as smaller agencies with limited resources may find it difficult to compete against larger, financially-backed entities that can afford extensive bulk purchases.

  1. Detecting and Unmasking “Sajaegi”

Unveiling the clandestine nature of “Sajaegi” is no easy task. However, industry experts, chart monitoring services, and dedicated fans have developed various methods to identify suspicious album sales patterns. Factors such as sudden spikes in sales, discrepancies between album sales and actual fan base size, and irregularities in album distribution can be indicative of “Sajaegi” practices. Through meticulous analysis, these anomalies can be flagged, leading to a deeper investigation into potential chart manipulation.

  1. The Impact on Artists and the Industry

While “Sajaegi” may provide a temporary boost in chart rankings, its long-term implications can be detrimental to both artists and the K-pop industry as a whole. Firstly, it places immense pressure on artists to deliver outstanding sales figures, potentially overshadowing their artistic growth and expression. Secondly, it perpetuates an atmosphere of competition and distrust within the industry, where success is measured solely by chart rankings rather than artistic merit or fan loyalty. Lastly, the practice threatens the authenticity and integrity of K-pop as a cultural phenomenon, compromising its reputation both domestically and internationally.

  1. The Fight Against “Sajaegi”

Recognizing the detrimental effects of “Sajaegi,” various stakeholders within the K-pop industry have taken measures to curb this unethical practice. Music chart platforms have implemented stricter monitoring systems, scrutinizing album sales data for any signs of manipulation. Additionally, fans and fandom communities play an essential role in raising awareness, advocating for transparency, and encouraging fair competition within the industry. With increased scrutiny and collective efforts, the fight against “Sajaegi” aims to restore integrity to music chart rankings and uphold the true spirit of K-pop.

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Breaking: Blackpink’s Future in Limbo as Contract Speculations Swirl



In a shocking turn of events, Blackpink, the unrivaled K-pop sensation, is facing an uncertain future as speculations about their contract renewals dominate headlines. The world’s biggest K-pop girl group, having concluded their seven-year contract with YG Entertainment in August, is at a crossroads, leaving fans in suspense.

Recent reports hinted at potential solo ventures for Jisoo and Jennie, launching their own entertainment companies while remaining part of Blackpink under YG Entertainment. However, YG swiftly refuted these claims, asserting, “Nothing has been decided on Blackpink’s contract renewal and future activities. We are in discussion with the members.”

Earlier this month, sources suggested that only RosΓ© renewed her contract with YG, while Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa might explore opportunities with new agencies. Discussions are ongoing regarding the prospect of the group continuing to perform together for six months a year, even if they part ways with YG.

Blackpink’s global impact is undeniable, with achievements such as topping the US Billboard 200 album chart in 2022 and holding the title of the most-followed musical act on YouTube, boasting over 90 million subscribers. The quartet’s “Born Pink” tour, which attracted a staggering 1.8 million concertgoers globally, further solidified their status as K-pop royalty.

In an industry known for its challenges, renewing contracts, especially after seven years, poses a significant hurdle. Blackpink stands at a pivotal moment, navigating whether to defy the notorious “seven-year curse” that led to the disbandment of several girl groups or succumb to industry norms.

While Momoland faced disbandment and WJSN underwent changes after contract expiration, BTS, another global powerhouse, recently made headlines by announcing that all seven members renewed their contracts with BigHit Music. This strategic move ensures the group’s unity beyond their compulsory military service in 2025.

As the K-pop world holds its breath, Blackpink’s future remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving fans eagerly awaiting official statements and questioning whether the iconic girl group will continue their collective journey or embark on individual endeavors. Stay tuned for updates on this evolving story.

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The Rollercoaster Journey of K-Pop: Triumphs and Trials in the Global Limelight



In a whirlwind of emotions, the global phenomenon that is K-pop has experienced both soaring triumphs and heart-wrenching tragedies, exemplified by the recent highs of Blackpink headlining Coachella and the tragic loss of Astro’s Moonbin. Velvet Winter delves into the intricate world of K-pop, shedding light on the stringent journey artists undergo to attain stardom.

K-Pop’s Global Triumphs

The echoes of K-pop are resonating worldwide, with Blackpink’s historic headline at Coachella, marking a milestone for the genre. The international stage has become a playground for K-pop, with bands like BTS and Blackpink captivating audiences globally, pushing the boundaries of cultural influence.

The Price of Stardom

Beneath the glitz and glamour lies the arduous path to stardom, riddled with challenges and sacrifices. Moonbin’s untimely demise raises questions about the toll fame takes on artists navigating the competitive K-pop landscape.

K-pop’s Evolution

K-pop, born in the mid-’90s, has evolved into a global force, fusing pop and hip-hop sounds. Dr. Sarah Keith from Macquarie University describes it as “global music produced in Korea or using the Korean industry and training system.” The term ‘idol’ has given way to ‘artist,’ reflecting a shift in perception within the industry.

The Training Odyssey

Korean agencies, distinct from Western record labels, play a pivotal role in shaping K-pop stars. Agencies like SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and HYBE Entertainment oversee recruitment, training, and management. Aspiring artists, scouted from a young age, endure years of training, with some starting as early as pre-teens.

The Strict Regimen

The notorious intensity of the K-pop training system is characterized by rigorous schedules, sleep deprivation, and strict dietary controls. Agencies demand all-rounded talent, combining singing, dancing, and visual appeal. Trainees sign contracts, committing to years of training, with no guaranteed debut. The pressure to debut at a young age is a strategic move, capitalizing on the industry’s youth-oriented nature.

The Struggle for Autonomy

Despite progress in labor laws, K-pop artists often face contractual constraints. Some agencies enforce rules like a ‘no mobile phone’ policy. Artists like Tiffany Young from Girls’ Generation have spoken about the restrictive measures, reflecting the struggle for autonomy within the industry.

K-Pop’s Global Impact

As K-pop infiltrates global markets, the revenues for major agencies like SM Entertainment and HYBE Entertainment reach staggering heights. In 2022, SM Entertainment reported $657 million, while HYBE reported $1.37 billion in revenue. KOKKA reported a 37.1% growth in the South Korean music industry’s revenues in 2022.

The Uncharted Future

Despite reaching unprecedented heights, K-pop continues to break barriers, challenging notions of cultural influence. Dr. Keith believes that K-pop’s peak is yet to come, with barriers falling and global acceptance rising. As the world tunes in to the constant stream of K-pop content, the journey of K-pop artists remains a fascinating saga of talent, dedication, and the pursuit of global acclaim.

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NewJeans Shatters Records, Becomes Fastest K-Pop Act to Hit $1 Billion Spotify Streams



In a seismic triumph for K-pop, NewJeans, led by the stellar lineup of Minji, Danielle, Hanni, Hyein, and Haerin, has skyrocketed to stardom by clinching the Guinness World Record for the speediest ascent to 1 billion streams on Spotify. This groundbreaking achievement, achieved in a mere 219 days since their formal debut, is sending shockwaves through the music industry.

NewJeans’ Billion-Dollar Streaming Empire

The rise of NewJeans to the pinnacle of Spotify success is nothing short of a global phenomenon. Boasting six chart-topping hits, including “Attention,” “Hurt,” “Hype Boy,” “Cookie,” “Zero,” “Ditto,” and the chart-topping “OMG,” the group has amassed a staggering 1 billion streams. “OMG” alone has become a colossal hit, racking up over 320 million plays.

Record-Breaking Dethroning

In a jaw-dropping revelation, NewJeans surpasses industry heavyweights like BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’ Jung Kook, claiming the throne with an unprecedented record. The group dethroned Lisa’s previous record of 411 days, starting from October 26, 2022, showcasing their meteoric ascent in the competitive world of K-pop.

A Historic Performance at Lollapalooza

NewJeans is set to make history once again, captivating audiences at Lollapalooza this summer. This achievement not only solidifies their status as K-pop royalty but also marks them as the first K-pop group to grace the prestigious music festival. The anticipation for their performance is reaching unprecedented levels after BTS member J-Hope’s solo performance at last year’s fest.

The Billion-Dollar Future

As the world applauds NewJeans for their historic achievement, the group is gearing up for a groundbreaking comeback this summer. With their label ADOR estimating the group’s value in numbers well beyond the billion-dollar mark, the quintet is poised to dominate the charts, making waves with their innovative music and leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene.

In the words of Min Hee Jin, executive producer/CEO of ADOR, “NewJeans will continue to strive to present something new and unique to exceed the expectations of their fans. NewJeans members keep growing and growing, and we can’t wait to surprise the world again.” The billion-dollar question on everyone’s mind: What groundbreaking records will NewJeans set next? Stay tuned as the K-pop revolution continues to unfold!

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